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Chris Bethel is a minister, worship leader, keyboardist, music producer and the founder of "Page 2 Ministries". Chris Bethel travels the world focusing on a life of intimacy with our Father. His desire is to lead the body of Christ before the Father, worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. He is known for having the mindset to always please “AN AUDIENCE OF ONE”, which is GOD. Chris Bethel resides in Columbia S.C. With his lovely wife Brenda. They have 4 children.... Dione, Ashley, Justin, and Gabriel. Chris Bethel also has 6 CD projects and a live worship DVD.



Chris Bethel travels and ministers music both national an internationally. Please feel free to contact us to arrange for Chris to Worship with your ministry.

  • Friday -Saturday,
    October 16 - 17, 2015
    The Empowered Woman Conference Heritage USA conference center Fort Mill SC
  • Tuesday,
    November - 10, 2015
    Night of Worship

    Family Worship Center

  • Friday -Saturday,
    February 27 - 28, 2016
    New Vision Fellowship
    Brandon, Mississippi

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Atmosphere Control II


About the CD: ...There was such a powerful response of "Atmosphere Control 1". It ushers in the presence of God at Homes, Day cares, prayer/study groups, Churches, and more.(some play it Looped 24/7!).


I’ve spent most of my life in church knowing Christ as Savior, but never as Lord. My faith was always in the faith of others; I never stood on my own. Needless to say, I came to the point where I stopped seeking God for myself. This led to me getting involved in a number of things.